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We offer you the opportunity to use all the amenities of our

small hotel managed by Alexander, Abigail and Team.

We are selling only few plots for holiday homes and for permanent residence. You may build your own home close to the golden sands of the beautiful Cabier beach and enjoy the wonderful views to the ocean, the mountains and the tropical lush garden around you. 


Exclusive for people seeking tranquility well away from the tourist areas on Grenada ́s east coast, which has remained unspoilt by tourism. Cabier Ocean Lodge has been designed to work in harmony with nature, environmental friendly and to complement the extensive flora and fauna. We offer you the opportunity to use all the amenities of our small hotel managed by Alexander, Abigail and Team.

For further information, please contact Cabier Ocean Lodge owner Michael Böhm.

Investment in Grenada

This days it isn't easy to find a small private managed resort project on the south east coast of Grenada with such a short distance to a sandy beach for less than half a million dollars.

  • Small, private and intimate

  • Sandy palmfringed Cabier beach nearby

  • Next to Cabier Ocean lodge restaurant

  • Property management available

  • Building consulting onsite

  • High speed internet connection possible

  • Be an integral part of our Caribbean country life

  • South of Hurrican belt - insurance is not so high

  • Atlantic sea breeze makes an A/C not need

  • Unspoilt from tourism

  • 45 minutes to drive to the airport

  • Affordable investment project

Holiday homes

We sell 3 properties within the Cabier Ocean Lodge resort for persons who want to build a holiday home there.


For the time they are not in Grenada, they can decide if we should rent the villas for them.


Properties close to Cabier beach with ocean view:

  • #1: 25,087 sq.ft. for 16 EC$ per sq.ft. = US$ 150,334

  • #2: 25,072 sq.ft. for 17 EC$ per sq.ft. = US$ 159,634

  • #3: 24,903 sq.ft. for 19 EC$ per sq.ft. = US$ 177,212

25,000 sq.ft = 2,300 m².


These three properties are also offered through a real estate company in Grenada. Properties close to Cabier beach with a fantastic ocean view:

  • #4: 16,939 sq.ft. SOLD

  • #5: 16,909 sq.ft. SOLD

Please notice:

For these properties there will be a building permission for the erection of a private dwelling house for the use as an holiday home. The building and design has to be approved by the Cabier Ocean Lodge owner to ensure that the area remains in harmony with the high aesthetic standards prevailing at the resort.. Villa owners will enjoy preferential access to the resort facilities (restaurant, spa, staff assistance etc.) and the connection to the necessary utilities.

New!!! Prefinancing offer

There is a new possibility to build your own holiday home with two apartments on our property without buying the property. You can spend your holidays beside the white sands of Cabier Beach.

Without paying any rent you can use it up to three months per year.You only pay the staff, housekeeping and energy costs during your stay. It is only a prefinancing credit agreement - you will get all your investment back, whenever you don ́t want to spend your holidays there anymore.

Further information:

There are sales taxes and charges for about 10 % of the property costs for the deed to the governmant plus a lawyer fee for the preparation of alien landholding licence 1800 EC$ plus GCT 5% plus disbursement. For preparing the deed the charge is 1.5-2% of the sales price + 5% GCT, plus 1% stamp duty and some extra charges. 1 US$ = 2.67 EC$ (East Caribbean Dollar).

For more information please contact the owner Mr. Michael Boehm.

Other investment projects on the island

You will get an affordable hideaway in paradise for about half of other investments. If you calculate may be an additional US$ 100.000 for building a house on your land.You only have to look at the multi millions of dollars being poured into Grenadas market to make a tropical paradise for the wealthy, to know that these days Grenada is one of the best investment propositions in the Eastern Caribbean. Make up your mind and compare Bacolet Bay project

or Peter de Savary Mount Cinnamon Hill or the Four Seasons project on Hog Island.

Why invest in Grenada?

Grenada is one of the fastest growing tourism market in the Caribbean and has a shortage of high quality holiday properties. The value of your property

will increase during the next years. As a result, the World Travel and Tourism Council has predicted tourism growth of 5.5% per year between 2006 and 2015, far above the average for the Caribbean as a whole. Grenada’s tourist market is supported by direct flights from the UK, USA and Continental Europe, as well as by two downtown cruise ship terminals which received over 245 cruise ship visits holding over 240,000 passengers between October 2005 and April 2006. As well a new marina, new commercial centre, a duty-free shopping mall and a planned golf resort will increase the island’s desirability over the coming years.


Renowned for its picturesque, mountainous interior of rainforests and waterfalls and its coastline of protected bays with diving bases or wale watching excursions and secluded beaches, Grenada is the last undiscovered jewel of the Caribbean. As one of the few islands which has remained unspoilt by tourism, Grenada, offers a rare opportunity to enjoy the real soul of the region, with colorful clothing, aromatic Creole cooking, vibrant calypso music and tranquil palm-fringed beaches. The temperature during the whole year varies only between 25 – 32 ° C.

Invest in an intimate exclusive hideaway

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