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Exotic fruits and spices and Creole delicacies

Experience our Creole cuisine

The sea around us will guarantee fresh seafood; the tropical nature here is abundant with exotic vegetable, Caribbean fruits and much more. The local food here is rich in herbs and typical spices and the mixture of colors makes it even more palatable. We gladly will try to meet your very

personal predilections.

Under our mango trees

Enjoy your food under the two big shady mango trees, where we have accommodated our restaurant terrace and the small bar area; this area is one of the hallmarks of the Cabier Ocean Lodge. Here you will enjoy your food together with a great vista over the ocean and the adjoining bays. You can watch the turquoise colored waves near the coral reef, the pelicans and the local fishermen in their small boats during their work.

Here they call it „liming“

Our terrace and the cocktail bar are open to our guests throughout the whole day. Having a drink here and some snacks or just relaxing will introduce you to “liming”, you may even forget time and space around you.

We are looking forward to have you with us

Take a healthy breakfast with local fruits and fresh juices, lunch snacks, a formal dinner or order a la carte; you will always enjoy your choice, whether you begin an interesting day in the midst of nature or finish off the day here during a cozy evening.

Come here whenever you like

Our guests like to come here for having a chat, for meeting with others and to plan their excursions. Throughout the year all seasons lend themselves to do sightseeing and experience the very special

nature here. Our place will have something to attract everyone. We will be glad to inform you about the many activities Grenada offers.


Closing the day

The sunset here can become a suitable opportunity to try out one of the many kinds of rum typical here for the island, or savor a special cocktail, a Caribbean beer or a glass of malt and to recollect the day ́s events. If you are lucky you may even chance upon the very light full moon nights typical for the Caribbean when the silver moonlight is reflected over the sea. 

View the horizon

In our main building we have a courtyard adorned with exotic plants and the lounge from where you have a breathtaking view over the shear endless Atlantic. In the far distance you will see the never ending breaking of the waves on the outlying reefs and their approach to the thus protected beaches.


WLAN Internet and satellite TV with CD and DVD are made available free of charge.

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