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Spice Island animal rescue sanctuary & Petting Zoo

If we had to sum up the relationship we have with our animals at Cabier then the words „My family and other Animals“, the title of author and naturalist Gerald Durrell ́s autobiography, encapsulates how we feel about them. The relationship we have with our animals is just that – they are part of our Cabier family. Like all family members we treasure and nature them.

A lot of people have asked us about the animals that we look after at Cabier and why they are here. If each could speak they would all tell a story. Many of their stories would begin with how they were hunted in the wild and captured, and then taken to the market to be sold. Perhaps it is our western sensitivities, but we began to rescue them from the fate in store for them.

It is simply a fact of life in Grenada that they were in the market so they could be sold, cooked and eaten. But there is a bigger question of the conservation and future of the island ́s flora and frauna. We realised we could play our part in trying to build relationships with local schools and organisations by introducing them to the animals of their island at Cabier, so that they would come to appreciate them, alive, as much as we do.


At Cabier we dont just want to take out of Grenada, we want to put something back into this wonderful island. From our local experience, these animals are a way to reach out to the young in Grenada so that they will come to love and treasure their natural island heritage. If we can build a better understanding of the importance of conservation of this natural heritage, then this young generation will also see the value of conserving these animals for the future benefit of all of Grenada.


Do come and visit us to see our animals and talk with us about them and their stories. We look after over 60 animals and we find more every month. We ask for a small donation of ECD$ 5 from localsand ECD$ 10 from tourists to help us keep up our work. Refreshments are available at Bruno ́s Restaurant and Bar at Cabier Ocean Lodge and beautiful Cabier Beach right next to the Lodge for a swim.


Please call or email us first if you are coming, especially if you are a group, so we can be ready to show you around.

(001 473) 444-6013 or

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